Thursday, January 31, 2008

Afzali Commentary Featured in O'Dwyer's PR Newsletter

As many of you know, one of the themes I've consistently taken on is the pervasive antagonism that many PR professionals have for journalists. The reasons it exists are many, but the bottom line is regardless of the reason, it does no one in the profession any good, especially the agency and their client.

Jack O'Dwyer, who publishes a well-respected newsletter on the industry, recently interviewed me on the subject and ran an article its January 4 issue. For those who are interested, the article may be found here

I invite your reactions to both my comments and to the issue at large.

An update from Astoria Communications

In a nod to the obvious, it's been a while since there was any post of relevance on this blog. Given that, I thought I'd post a short note to explain.

In addition to a nice uptick in business for my practice, I've also been contributing a lot of written pieces to several publications of note, including O'Dwyer's PR Newsletter, as well as a variety of career-related PR columns to outlets such as TalentZoo and, very soon, TheLadders. All this has left me with little time to update the blog.

However, I will be posting some of those writings here and hope that they will be relevant to those in the profession. Obviously, those who are newer to PR will probably find the career-related columns of particular interest. To any who may read this, thanks for checking in and stay tuned. 2008 will bring many more contributions.