Friday, November 04, 2005

Kudos to Jack O'Dwyer

While many in the blogosphere have been criticizing the PRSA's handling of the cancelation of its annual conference, the fact that PR -- unlike advertising -- doesn't get widespread coverage outside the trade press, has largely meant this issue has gone unnoticed by the business community as a whole.

However, several important industry publications and some well-known bloggers have taken the PRSA to task and written on it extensively. For those with access to the O'Dwyer Report, I urge you to read the collection of articles on this issue. It's probably not surprising to many who have been following this issue that the PRSA has not yet provided any official commentary for the O'Dwyer Report, which to me again prompts the question who counsels this group on crisis communications?

I don't know about others in the blogosphere, but my Web logs show PRSA representatives have visited this blog each time a comment about them has been posted. So if they can find their way to one blog out of many covering PR, one wonders why they can't be faster in responding to members?